About our sources

Source №1

This hydro-sodium-calcium water. Is it organic substances alcohol resins, humic substances, carboxylic acids, fulvokyslot and specific physiological groups of microorganisms, which increase the therapeutic effect. Low-mineralized water source number 1 has a diuretic effect, contributes to leaching and mechanical removal of small concretions (stones), renal sand and products of inflammatory processes (leukocytes, mucus, pus). This water was studied in Skhidnytsya one of the first. Scientists Lviv Medical Institute, Odessa Research Institute of balneology and physiotherapy and local doctors are advised to use this water for such diseases: urolithiasis, chronic pyelonephritis, chronic piyelotsystytah tubercular origin, lithogenic diathesis (urine acid, oksalaturii, phosphaturia, ksantynuriya), and diseases of biliary ducts system. And that water gave the best effect, we recommend more to go. Great scientist Ambodzhyk once said: “The body without movement like stagnant water that plisnyaviye, spoil and rot.” This maxim is the best in the treatment of mineral water: only when traffic is reduced calf muscle. They work as a secondary pump, through which improves blood circulation around the body. This means that decreasing the load on the heart, increasing the access of oxygen, improves the power cells.

Source № 1″С”

This low-mineralized water with high content of organic matter, similar to the composition to “Naftussya” № 1 in Truskavets. But, thanks to a slightly higher content of hydrocarbon ions compared to Truskavets water, it has obvious biological therapeutic effect. This water scientists and doctors recommend drinking liver diseases and urinary tract, pancreatitis. At onset diabetes of the water source number 1 “C” helps reduce oxidation of the body and accumulate alkaline reserves, contributes to such patients receive antyketohennyy pronounced effect due to increasing concentrations of manganese.

Source № 2″С”

Find this water is easy – just a few minutes walk from the village center, from the People’s House “Enlightenment.” Water flows from the depths of 100 meters. Central mineralization, soda, alkaline, sodium bicarbonate, with a high content of trace elements: silicic acid – 35 mg / l bromine – 0.5 mg / l iodine – 0.8 mg / l of organic matter – 13 mg / liter. This soda is intended for the treatment of diseases of the stomach, intestine and duodenum (ulcers, chronic gastritis with high acidity and a normal, gastroduodenitis). We recommend using heated to a temperature of 35-45 degrees with pain syndrome. Hydrocarbonate mineral water are natural and antacids to reduce gastric acidity. As a result of neutralization of hydrochloric acid decreases the direct irritant effect of gastric contents on the mucosa of the stomach and duodenum. How to take water: before or after eating, warm or cold, in what quantity – it all depends on the individual assignment, the severity of the disease.

Source №3

By their chemical composition is slightly mineralized, hydrocarbonate-calcium weak acidic water with the smell of hydrogen sulfide and high content of trace elements copper, zinc, iodine, bromine, fluorine, cobalt, traces of silver, manganese. This water contained in the soluble form of organic matter, as in the mineral water from the source number 1, which is the main treatment factor. “Naftusia” with the source number 3 treats the same disease that we have listed, giving a brief description of the medicinal properties of the water source number 1. Skhidnytski water is dominated by mineral water other resorts that do not belong to type “Naftusia” in the treatment of urological patients and their action in large numbers derive excess salt from the body (diseases of the metabolic disorder) and prevent the growth and formation of stones (calculus) in the body. Water is a diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect, improves blood circulation in the body and urodynamics, with reduced function helps restore normal functioning kidneys. The first manifestation of improved health – in the excitation of appetite. Significantly increases the functional capacity of the kidneys. In addition, the pain disappeared in urological diseases. The patient does not feel the general weakening – it away, safely behind cheerfulness and increased energy. Water contributes to partial removal of radionuclides from the body, especially relevant today. The presence of zinc helps in the treatment of diabetes.

Source №4

Today, unfortunately, it disappeared, because no one from the twenty years is not engaged and not engaged in its ordering. Namely healing mineral water from this source Omelyan Stotsky scholars argued the effectiveness of treatment of diseases of the kidneys and liver.

Source №5

This hydro-sodium-calcium water containing organic substances. Toxic trace elements (heavy metals, nitrogen components, pesticides, etc.) in this low-mineralized water is much lower than the norm. This “Naftusia” is used in the treatment of chronic urinary and biliary tract. The source is located near the sanatorium “Verkhovyna”, but its waters are of the pump room in the territory of the sanatorium.

Sources № № 8,9,10 (pump-room)

Now they flow together in the pump room. These weakly alkaline water (pH – 7.1), weakly mineralized, hydrocarbonate-calcium, with high content of silicic acid (from 28 to 37 mg / l), dvovalentym iron (1-2 mg / l), manganese (0.08 mg / l) and traces of silver. Water that is drunk in the pump room, rich in important therapeutic organic matter, it is ether, amine compounds (from 3.8 to 6.2 mg / l) and is characterized by specific physiological groups of microorganisms. Water from these sources helps to increase bile formation and excretion of acids. This decreases the cholesterol level. Because water is recommended for diseases of the liver and biliary tract (chronic cholecystitis, gallstone disease, chronic hepatitis), and pathology of the urinary tract, kidney (urolithiasis, chronic pyelonephritis). Under the influence of these waters increases Urinary kidney function, increased diuresis (urine) and the filtration function of the kidneys.

Sources №№ 13,15

Shidtsytskyh ferruginous water feature is the presence in them of iron in the form of divalent cations, and complexes with organic substances. In particular, the share zalizoorhanichnyh complexes is 36.6% in the water source number 13 and 62.3% – in the water source number 15. Experimentally established that Skhidnytske ferruginous water restores harmonious marrowy blood, hemoglobin content and klitynnist peripheral blood, serum iron concentration and histological structure of the duodenal mucosa in posthemorrhagic anemia and postradiatsiyniy than radically different from pharmacological iron supplementation to restore, first of all , hemoglobin – a crucial link exchange iron. These water especially helps in the excretion of radionuclides, because it is known that iron absorption warn radionuclide bone tissue and removes them through the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. Shilnytski ferruginous water will activate output of radioactive cesium from the body. Thus, indications for use of low mineralization ferruginous waters (sources №. № 15,13) as follows: iron deficiency anemia, chronic gastritis with normal and reduced secretory function, alcoholic liver disease, chronic enteritis and colitis, chronic pyelonephritis in the phase of remission, chronic cystitis in the phase remission, chronic intoxication of various etiologies (including radionuclides and heavy metal salts), chronic radiation sickness (NPP workers, experimental nuclear facilities, X-ray diahnostnchnyh cabinets). Analogues Skhidnytski sources ferruginous waters in Ukraine there are no more.

Source № 18″С”

Only at a depth of 100 meters was opened this therapeutic “Naftusia.” It is cold, low mineralized (0.25 g / l), weakly alkaline, bicarbonate-sulphate-sodium, with a weak odor of hydrogen sulfide. Water to increase the number of trace elements: silicic acid – 39 mg / l ferrous iron – 1 mg / l, cobalt – 0,002 mg / L and dietary treatment of organic substances and microorganisms specific to the “Naftusya.” This water is recommended to patients to stimulate zhovchoutvoryuvalnoyi liver and kidneys. Systematic use of water increases the production of bile, stimulates the synthesis holayiniv in the liver reduces the concentration of cholesterol in bile. Also stimulated regeneration of liver tissue, increased vodovydilna renal function, reduced inflammation of the kidneys.

Sources №№ 25,26

According to its chemical composition is slightly mineralized, hydrocarbonate-sulphate-calcium-magnesium water. Specificity water sources number 25 and number 26 is that they are organic substances in an amount from 8.4 to 12.6 mg / l, carboxylic acids -2.86 mg / l, fulvokyslot – 0,57-0, 60 mg / l, bitumen – 1,7-2,1 mg / liter. Water from these sources have all characteristic groups of microorganisms for the treatment of “Naftusia”. Analysis of water sources number 25 and number 26 conducted by the Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology in 1995 at the expense of treatment and recuperation base “Green Forest”. A method for use of low mineralization waters, defined their balneological value. Water sources recommend number 25 in chronic pyelonephritis, chronic cystitis, chronic hepatitis, cholangitis, cholecystitis, after operations and after pas kidney disease Botkin. Low-mineralized water source number 26 recommended in urolithiasis, lithogenic diathesis, chronic kidney disease and urinary tract, chronic cholangitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis non-specific etiology, and after Botkin disease.